2013 Solar PV Installation at Bonny Doon Elementary School

In 2013 The Offset Project’s Monterey Bay Carbon Fund achieved a milestone, as the installation of a 30 kW Solar Photovoltaic system was completed after a prolonged (2+ year) effort!

The solar array will produce approximately 40,000 kW hours per year. Not only will the school reduce their electricity bills by 10% in its first year, students are now able to monitor renewable usage in the classroom. The energy produced will replace 95% to 99% of Bonny Doon’s electrical bill. Over the 25 year warranted life of the system, it will prevent 1.1 million pounds of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

The Bonny Doon solar installation allowed one Cabrillo college student to receive job training in solar installation and financing while at the same time earning college credit outside the classroom.

This project was a partnership with RC Cubed and Cabrillo College, and many others contributed to the successful outcome along the way.

2014 Electric Vehicle Project

As part of the Council for Responsible Sports certification efforts for the 2014 Pebble Beach National Pro Am, The Offset Project donated one Electric Vehicle Charging Station to the City of Monterey in March of 2014 for installation and use in the West Parking Garage (near Fisherman’s Wharf) in Downtown Monterey. This station earned the event three credits toward certification: calculating and offsetting 100% of the event’s emissions as well as supporting a local offset project.

The total emissions calculated from event-related activities is 1,017 metric tons of CO2e. Please refer to the attached the Emissions Report. The Offset Project estimates that the donated EV Charging Station will help the City of Monterey avoid more than 418,000 pounds (or 190 metric tons) of greenhouse gas emissions (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent or CO2e) over the next 10 years. The Offset Project will also retire an additional 827 metric tons of hi-caliber, third-party certified Verified Emission Reductions (VERs, or Carbon Offsets) on behalf of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am in order to realize the offset in its entirety.

This is a partnership with Monterey Peninsula Foundation.

Rancho Cielo Solar Photovoltaic Installation and At-risk Youth Workforce Development Program

The Offset Project is currently working with Applied Solar Energy and RC Cubed on an innovative new clean energy work force development program at Rancho Cielo, a local at-risk youth campus. This program will provide cutting edge, hands-on Solar Photovoltaic Installation Training to Rancho Cielo students, which will give students real opportunities to join the emerging green workforce with valuable job skills and experience.

This new Solar PV Installation educational tract will complement Rancho Cielo’s existing Construction Academy. The curriculum has been custom-tailored to this unique student population, and will provide them with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate critical skills necessary to compete in the current job market. The first of 8 installation segments of Solar PV panels is slated in Q1 of 2015!

In addition to rooftop technology, students will receive special instruction on First Solar ground mount systems which will be utilized in Monterey County’s largest Solar Photovoltaic installation in 2015, California Flats Solar project. This specialized ground mount technology and installation training will provide a distinct competitive advantage for graduates of the program who apply to be part of the team that installs this 280 Megawatt Solar PV system.

The Offset Project is proud to be part of this very special effort, and to support the mission of Rancho Cielo with this innovative, clean energy and climate protection approach to workforce development!

2015 Electric Vehicle Project

The Offset Project recently launched its 2014 MC Gives! campaign, which is raising money to install additional Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the City of Monterey in 2015!

This exciting fundraising campaign provides an easy way for Monterey County residents to offset their annual vehicle emissions, while contributing to a project that will decrease local greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. TOP estimates that every EV Charger installed will reduce local GHG emissions by 190 tons over 10 years!

Donors to the campaign can offset the average Monterey County household vehicle emissions with a donation of just $120, and they can be part of the team that expands the local network of EV Chargers that improves local air quality and makes the region more accessible to clean, green EV drivers!