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"Our focus is to reduce carbon emissions by bringing communities in the Monterey area together, through education and grassroots initiatives"

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Our Partnership with Monterey County

Monterey County’s Environmental Health Department has contracted with The Offset Project to support waste diversion programs for special events and businesses in the Monterey County area.  Special events that occur in county parks or unincorporated venues do not always have resources to support recycling and food waste programs.  The Offset Project helps these events understand the basic strategies for setting out containers, hauling recyclables and collecting food waste from catering and vendor areas. In addition, businesses need to comply with state mandates in order to divert 50% of their recycling. The Offset Project conducts waste audits for the county in order to track which businesses might need assistance in reaching that 50% mandated goal.


Our Partnership with MRWMD

Monterey Regional Waste Management District is at the forefront of waste diversion strategies in our area. They are both a mentor and a financial contributor to the many zero waste programs that The Offset Project is working on.  It is with their help that The Offset Project has been so successful in identify strategies for diverting waste from special events.  In fact, the concept of our “Zero Waste Team” came from MRWMD’s Recycling Coordinator, Jeff Lindenthal, many years ago - when this concept had not yet reached the mass market as it has done today. The Offset Project looks forward to helping MRWMD with their new Anaerobic Digester which will turn food waste into energy. This digester is the newest program that we are partnering on in 2013.





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