With your donations during this MC Gives! season, The Offset Project hopes to install the region’s very first Eco-totem Bike Counter.

This Eco-totem will track and display the number of cyclists, and we believe it will be a highly visible, fun and interactive way to:

    • Provide data that will help identify areas of bike improvements
    • Promote the existing bicycle infrastructure
    • Encourage people to get out of their cars and use local bike paths


Make your donation by visiting the MC Gives! website starting today and running through December 31, 2015. All Gives! donations will be matched! Learn more about how to make our $5,000 challenge grant work for bikes below…

Spot the Bike!

To make the most of a $5,000 challenge grant we are also launching the “Spot the Bike” social media campaign.

When you see our bike around town, post a selfie with it, for every picture posted to social media, $5 will be donated towards the Eco-totem Bike Counter.  So to recap…

1. Spot TOP bike stickers like this one around Monterey —>

2. Take a selfie with the sticker

3. Post with #MCGives & #BikesCount, remember to tag @OffsetProject so we see your post on social media.

4. Help TOP reach 1,000 selfies and earn the full $5,000 challenge grant!